Founded in 2008 by Kea Tonetti, dancer and choreographer, and by Tivitavi, sound artist and visual artist. CompagniaKha produces performances that mix Butoh and Sensitive Dance with singing and live acoustic and electronic sound. Their investigation of spiritual pathways as well the arts is reflected in their aesthetic, creating cathartic events full of natural magic. Kea and Tivitavi furthermore offer courses and seminars in which they transmit their research in dance, movement, sound and voice.


Kha in Sanskrit is the empty space of the heart, the place from which everything emerges and to which it all returns. In the eternal and infinite space-time, creating is a spontaneous and natural game.


“As artists, we would like to show that which resides in the depths of the human being, his subconscious, his myths, his tragedies, his follies, his liberation, and to allow the spectator to witness and experience this catharsis on an internal level, which we ourselves are attempting to navigate. Entering into a parallel space-time, the Presence expands, the archetypes begin to dance and to speak through many layers and symbols. The performance always takes place in the present, and whoever participates in the ritual is a part of the creation. In our works we invoke a state, an archetype, to manifest itself, but what actually happens is different every time, unique and unrepeatable, because it happens in the present, in union with whomever witnesses and participates in the rite itself. The wave cannot become one with the ocean unless it renounces its individuality; the ritual has the power to transport you to that space-time where you begin to be a part of the ocean.┬áIn that silence, Kha permeates everything and allows the waves to resonate within the human spirit.”