Dance and Voice workshop

dance with Kea – voice with Tivitavi

live-music by Tivitavi

Butoh dance – Sensitive dance – Hara Yoga – Voice

Re-awaken your dance and liberate your voice in an authentic manner, allowing their truth to manifest in the moment, from the body, from the soul and from the heart. When the voice resounds in agreement with the body, we feel a great sense of peace and calm within. It’s like coming back home, remembering that a part of us was always there waiting for us. This journey of the soul unearth personal and collective memories, that tell of the encounter between man and nature, is a journey in and out of ourselves, where boundaries melt to enter in a dreamlike and parallel world, where everything is possible: Spirits of Nature materialize and speak, emotions and internal pulsations take form and sing. A time and space where to be born to ourselves, to our free expression, where to chord our existence, in union with the Universe sound and dance.


Practices from Sensitive dance®, Hara Yoga and Butoh will allow us to consciously interact with our body and our breath, nurturing our own sense of grounding to operate on the plane of terrestrial energy, re-awakening a dance of sensations and receiving our personal sound and the way to let it flow in our body. Opening our perception of space and time, we’ll nourish our presence in the moment, allowing the dance and the voice to manifest from the silent emptiness that permeates everything, the sound of the origin which is pure vibration, thus giving form to the invisible.

Evoking internal images and sensations we will re-awaken emotions, pulsations and antique memories; incorporating the energies of Nature, we will give them voice, dancing the emotions, we will allow them to sing. Opening ourselves to active listening and feeling, we’ll allow ourselves to dance and sing, living entirely in the moment, so that forms and sounds may become the expression of our soul.