Dance of soul

Workshop of Butoh dance – Sensitive dance  

with Kea Tonetti

 live-music by Tivitavi


Reawaken the presence and the body’s awareness of being,enter in contact with the wonder of our body, our sacred home, living it as one with mind, heart and spirit.  Allow the dance to emerge naturally, with your breath, dance touching the deep of human soul, nourish the beauty of the present moment, letting forms become an expression of soul.

The body is a sensitive and marvellous unit, in which all the parts communicate harmoniously, containing time and space within its cells, written as archetypes of ancestral memories. Research the organic movements, coming  from the roots, the centre, the skeleton, the senses, the sensations, from inside,  explore the subtle movements, which arises from the skeleton and sustains the dance; nourish the state in which you are moved, danced, letting  yourself go to the flow of energy, without doing, flowing and becoming one thing with the action.

Dance the transformation, embody and embrace the spirit/energy of everything: the various manifestations of nature, its cycles and of  human being;  the inner landscapes, the art images, the poetry, the myths, awaken your ancient wild nature. Give birth to a state of emptiness and return to the empty body of origins, awakening a natural body, free from social and cultural limitations.

Emptiness envelops and permeates the matter, through its mysterious quality all beings and aspects of life are connected, this Emptiness is full, vibrant, love, harmony, it embraces everything, and at the same time is free from everything, it generates dance and at the same time sounds and movements  fade away in it. When body and being are in contact with this vibrant emptiness, which permeates the creation, we are free to become everything, dancing the beauty and the mystery of every  life manifestation, and the act of creation becomes spontaneous, natural, effortless and free.

Dancing Butoh, one enters into a state of lucid trance, in which creating becomes spontaneous, a divine game in which you are danced by something, while dancing it yourself, creating it in the present moment, discovering your expressive freedom, beyond the aesthetic forms of dance. The birth of a dance can be a moment of  opening, where to feel that a big strength and love are released, to live the eroticism, the sensuality and the feelings of things, the catharsis, the transient nature of beauty and life.

Sensitive Dance® combined with various eastern and western practices will be proposed as preparatory training for Butoh allowing to:

  • Release tensions, allowing movements to be born from sensations, in the present moment.
  • The organic movement, which respects the structures of the body and its nature.
  • The evolutionary milestones of the human being, from the suspended cell to the vertical being.
  • Explore subtle movements that flow from the skeleton and from energy, which sustain the dance.
  • Awaken the body to vital movement, through a sensitive and aware touch that listens.
  • Spirals, serpentines,  waves, and the infinite movement, within the body and in space.
  • The breath of our joints, of our vertebrae, of our alignment.
  • The rooting and the Hara, the peaceful place that unites the energy of the earth with that of the sky.
  • Opening the breath and the perception of space and time,.
  • Learning to orient and carry your own body in space.
  • Walking and being, experiencing different qualities of the body and those of space in a different way.
  • Mutate in the metamorphosis time, in which the body is emptied, losing its confines, and the movements  slow down.
  • Listen, perceive, contact,  the bodies sensitive dialogue.
  • Reawakening ones own antique and wild nature, dancing the beauty of Nature and of the elements, their cycles of life and death.
  • Dancing images of art, mythology, the Arcana, poems, internal landscapes, in relation to objects or materials.
  • The  Presence,  the Being, the Stillness.

The workshop will be accompanied by the live music of Tivitavi (tibetan bells, gong, didgeridoo, drumming, stones, natural sounds, electronic sounds, flutes and voice).

Open to everyone!

This training and experience are useful for both dramatic arts as well as for the growth of personal and human consciousness. It is indicated for anyone who wants to undertake a journey of awareness through the body: dancers, performers, actors, artists, therapists, educators, psychologists, and people in pursuing personal research. A background in dance is not required.

The ideal duration of one workshop is from 2 to more days, one week or more, but it is also possible a 3 hours class.  The topics of the workshops change. It is also possible to do some water work with sensitive dance water practices.

“Within the body, the bones and the skeleton, the memories of our ancestors dance and sing,

the sacred column contains the vital lymph, which dances freely within it.

The skeleton burns and turns to carbon, absorbing light,

the empty space from which everything originates and to which everything returns.

The breath deepens, the spirit embraces the Universe,

becoming infinite space, you dance the beauty of every manifestation of life.

The personal memory and that of the Universe manifest, the organs express their emotions.

Grasping the emptiness, non-doing, to make room for that which you are about to create,

the time and the form of a dance, the expression of its voice or song”. (Kea)