Workshops in Nature




with Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi


“He who does not know to howl, will not find his molt.” Charles Simic

Awake our own wild nature, that since always is living inside of us. Walk in silence in a forest, contacting inner peace and silence. The meeting with nature brings healing, awakens vitality, opens senses and frees the head. Letting ourselves be permeated by the magic of elements, we’ll expand the breathing and body sensations, opening the dance and the voice in union with the breathing of trees, stones, flowers, fire, water, animals, wind, stars, moon, sun……

Practices from Sensitive dance, Butoh dance, Hara yoga, Nada Yoga, Overtone singing and Sciamanism will allow us to consciously interact with our body, our breath and our voice, in order to awake our own dance and voice. Meeting the Earth energy we’ll nourish our own grounding, finding a center of strength and peace, that supports the expansion of movements and voice in the infinite space of the sky. This journey will let us incorporate the energy of the Nature, letting their Spirits dance, speak and sing. We’ll liberate emotions and archaic impulses, unearth personal and collective memories, that tell of the encounter between man and nature, we’ll open ourselves to listening and sensing, in a receptive and irrational way, we’ll let ourselves be danced and sang, open to live totally the present moment, letting forms and sounds become expression of the soul. Meet the Beauty of Nature as a part of us and listen to the silence inside of us, that permeates everything and generates every sound, form and movement, allowing the invisible to become visible. Offer a dance, a chant, a prayer to ourselves, to the wood, to Mother Earth and to the Universe.

The workshop will be accompanied by the live music of Tivitavi

(tibetan bells, didgeridoo, drumming, flutes, voice and natural sounds).

At the end of the workshop there will be the opportunity to create and show a solo in a performance.

The workshop is open to dancers, actors, therapists, performers, educators and everyone is interested in participating. A background in dance or voice work is not required.

This kind of workshop can be done in different nature environments, like forest, seaside, riverside, desert….

It is also possible to do only a dance workshop, with live music, or only a voice workshop.