Photo by Estéban Puzzuoli


Sound artist, painter, sound massage therapist, and teacher of Hara Yoga. Sound, body, and image are the fundamental elements of his artistic and spiritual research. Born in Genoa in 1966, raised in Turin, he has lived and worked in Milan since  1994 . He had his first experience in music listening during his childhood, with Maestro Paolo Calzi, and his first creative lessons with the painter Egle Scroppo; as a teenager, he continued with his studies in classical piano. He attended the High School for the Arts and in 1991 received a degree in painting from the Albertina Accademy of Turin with the highest grades. During his studies, he was primarily interested in film and theatre, and among his many outstanding teachers, one who made a lasting impact was Maestro Gino Gorza, a samurai of painting. During the 1980s contemporary dance and dance theatre became quite popular in Italy, and he attended courses by Susanna Egri, Carla Perotti, and on a semiprofessional level, Simona Bucci in Florence. During the same period,  1985-86, he fulfilled his civil service duties at the Rifredi Theatre in Scandicci (FI), on the forefront of experimental theatre in Italy at the time. Working in the theatre, he had the opportunity of coming in contact with some of the major Italian and international theatre and dance theatre companies, including: Sosta Palmizi, Teatro della Valdoca, Santagata e Morganti, Odin Teatret, Virgilio Sieni. This period was also marked by the emergence of alternative treatments such as macrobiotics and Shiatsu, along with the diffusion of Aikido and Eastern martial and spiritual arts. Since his adolescence, he has been fascinated by the idea that the keys to healing the body are contained within us and must only be discovered. For this reason, he began to be interested in Eastern cultures, in Yoga, Zen meditation, and in the spirituality of the Native Americans, to whom he has always felt a great affinity. In 1991 he met Maestro Gio’ Fronti, founder of Hara Yoga, and expert therapist (shiatsu, setsushin and many others), with whom he began a long life-journey of personal growth, physical and spiritual practice, which continue today. Hara Yoga is an eclectic practice, based upon dynamic and static techniques, from meditation to martial arts, with a great vocation for the development of personal creative and expressive abilities. He rediscovered his relationship with his body and a desire to create with his own hands, but above all sound came back into his life through the mantras, songs and percussion that accompany this practice. After three years of training, in 1994 he became a teacher of Hara Yoga, initially developing his creative and physical research through painting, and successively through voice and sound. He moved to Milan, where in 1994, along with other artists, he founded the “Anamani” association, “Hands of the Earth”, an experimental project focused on the knowledge and rediscovery of shamanic and tribal cultures. He took various trips to discover different cultures and ethnicities. He studied didgeridoo with Phil Drummy and Djalu Gurruwiwi in Arnehm Land, territory of the Yolngu, Australian Aboriginals. He was invited by Norman Tulley, Navajo of Arizona, to live for one month on their reservation. Successively, thanks to Mari Boine, he met the Sami of the Norwegian Lappland. Through the Italy-Tuva association, he was one of the first Westerners to visit Tuva, in Russian Mongolia. During these trips, he gained a great deal of musical knowledge, both instrumental and vocal; but above all, he learned about humanity, different worlds, and cultures.   He began a personal vocal research beginning with overtone (throat) singing  with Saynko Namcylak (Tuvan singing), Mari Boine (Lappland singing), Amelia Cuni (Drhupad singing) and continued with Francesca Gualandri (“Pneumafonia”, founded by Serge Wilfart) and with Mauro Tiberi (overtone and ritualistic singing). He also researched the archaic and ancestral sonority of the Scottish bagpipes with Lorenzo Galantini, African percussion with Lorenzo Gasperoni, and the Sicilian Tammorra with Massimo Laguardia, founder of Agricantus. In 2000 he coordinated a group of 50 volunteers in the construction of the Hara Yoga dojo (school), where lessons, seminars and meetings would be held for the next decade to promote the evolution of the human being. During this period, he began a course of therapy and internal growth in psychco-genealogy with Cristobal Jodorowsky, which would introduce him to Mexican shamanism. Some years later, he began to participate in Cristobal Jodorowsky’s psycho-shamanist rituals and workshops as a musical accompanist (primarily percussion, flutes, didgeridoo, Tibetan bells, and voice). In 2001 he began a four-year course of art therapy at the “Edith Kramer” school in Turin, directed by Elizabet Stone in collaboration with New York University, and at the “Risvegli” school in Milan. During his internship, he was introduced to the world of the deaf, becoming a communications assistant for two years, an intense experience in the world of “non-sounds” and nonverbal communication through the language of signs. As a teacher of Hara Yoga, he collaborated with the Mus-e association, founded by violinist Yeudi Menuin, for the introduction of arts in European schools as a means of overcoming intolerance and teaching peace. In 2005 along with his life partner, Kea Tonetti, he created “Spazio Continuum”, a place where art and therapy meet, a place where the cathartic and ritualistic elements of the creative act can come alive. He began to accompany Butoh and Sensitive Dance performances and seminars with his live music. In 2008 he met Albert Rabenstein, with whom he completed a training in Sound Massage according to the teachings of the “Centro de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armonicos” of Buenos Aires. He began holding evenings of group “harmonization” in Italy and abroad: sound baths with Tibetan bells and other instruments, along with voice. He began a collaboration with Claude Coldy, the founder of Sensitive Dance, for the live musical accompaniment of his seminars with Tibetan bells and crystals. In the same period, he completed a training in “Shin Ki Ren” with Maestro Giò Fronti, a practice of energetic re-harmonization through breathing, visualization of light, and manual contact. Also in 2008, along with Kea Tonetti, he founded  CompagniaKha, which reunited, through the media of dance and sound, many of their life and travel experiences; it was the beginning of a collaboration that would become a method of creation and construction of performances, of the reciprocal interaction of dance and music. In 2011 he completed an annual training in Nada Yoga, yoga of sound, with Riccardo Misto, in Padua. In the period from 2012 to 2013 he held laboratories of art therapy and creativity at San Vittore prison, an experience that concluded with the realization of a puppet show with live music, entitled “The Story of Buh.” Over the years he has collaborated with many musicians, including Lorenzo Sanguedolce (NYC), Carlo Garofalo, Davide Livornese, Fabio Malizia of the “Orbe”, Lorenzo Pierobon and Henten Hitti (Festival Ville e Castella, 2010), Antoine Levì Cicéron (Festival Rosenhof, 2009), and Hiroko Komiya. For Giovanni Calcagno in 2009, he collaborated on the music for “La veglia di Venere,” an art video by Alessandra Pescetta. In 2013, taking advantage of a valuable experience with Lino Sestini from El Mono Mastering Studio in Pontedera, he recorded at Artefacts Mastering in Berlin his first album of harmonic Tibetan bells, voice and didgeridoo, entitled “Suono Naturale”. He currently teaches an annual course of Hara Yoga Voice and collaborates with Kea Tonetti in the organization and promotion of performances and seminars, in Italy and abroad, in dance, voice, Tibetan bells, and didgeridoo, both inside and in nature.

Performance experience with CompagniaKha:

2019-   Remnands Project   with Kea Tonetti,  Joan Laage, Elisa Tagliati, Giulia Leuzzi, Ricardo Munoz, Marco Casiraghi,  at Spazio Continuum in Milan.

2018 – Tasogare  dance with Kea Tonetti,  Atsushi Takenouchi and live-music by Hiroko Komiya  and Tivitavi, at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano, The Art Land.

2018 – 19 – Amor  with Kea Tonetti,  Milan at Spazio Continuum; Budapest at Harom Hollo ; Festival Hortus Conclusus in Novi Ligure, Vicenza Teatro Comunale, Festival Haru no Kase 2019.

2016-17 -18  Ātman with Kea Tonetti and live-music by Tivitavi, Festival ” La voce del corpo” Osnago and “The Living Art ” Space Shed in Schio, VI, Italy, Horslits Festival, Venice; Festival “Haru no Kaze”, Teatro Comunale, Vicenza, 2017; Most Center, Odessa, Ukraine 2017, Festival ” La Voci dell’Anima 2018″, Rimini Italy 2018.

2016 – Ma to ma with Kea Tonetti,Atsushi Takenouchi and live-music by Hiroko Komiya and Tivitavi, Spazio Continuum, Milano.

2016 Dunkel-Spiegel with Marek Jason Isleib and Kea for Art Action Festival, Monza, IT.

2015-16 White-hot, at the Pontedera Butoh Festival, Italy; for the event Behind the Movement at the Loophole in Berlino, for the Stems Festival Migratorio des Artes in Barcellona, Spain; at the Jurányi Art Incubator Haouse in Budapest, Hungary; at Teatr Novyy Balet, Moscow and One Theater – Krasnodar, Russia in 2016.

2015 Notte sacra with Atsushi Takenouchi, Kea  and Hiroko Komiya, at the Macao in Milan.

2015  Hana for the dancers of the company “Vinculation” directed by Isabel Beteta at Los Tailleres in Mexico City.

2014 Hana no inochi – Life of the flower, with Atsushi Takenouchi, Kea and Hiroko Komiya, at the Spazio Tadini in Milan.

2014  Festival Butoh Off , Basel, music and butoh improvisation.

2014 Kha,  at the Művelődési Szint-Müszi in Budapest.

2013-16 Yo soy azul, presented at various theatres and festivals: at Kulturraum Rosenhof Festival Tegernau, Germany, in 2013, at Jurányi Art Incubator Haouse in Budapest, Hungary, in 2014, at One Theatre in Krasnodar, Russia, for l’Evolutive dance festival Behind the movement and at Brotfabrik in Berlin, at Brady Arts Centre in London, at Un Teatro Centro Cultural in Mexico City, at the Festival Grandezza Naturale in Oggiono, Lecco, at the Moving Bodies Butoh Festival in Bologna, in 2015; at the festival Solliloquios y dialogos bailado, Teatro Los Tailleres in Mexico City; for the event In Butoh in Lion; at Espai30 in Barcellona, Spain.

2012 Enthullt: The flower garden with Shaiba Vincenzo Geddo, Kea and Ogam, for the Rosenhof Festival in Tegernau, and the Werkraum Schöpflin, Lörrach-Brombach,D.

2013 Mothersea,  for the installation The plastic side of the sea at the Straf Hotel in Milan.

2013 Utsusemi  for the Festival La voce del corpo, Osnago, Italy.

2012 Utsusemi, with the Master of Noh Theatre Monique Arnaud, Kea and Ogam Fabio Malizia, for the Centro Alik Cavaliere in Milan.

2010 Wu,  for the Festival Rosenhof in Tegernau, Germany; for Trace Becoming Art, in Milan and in 2011 for PAF Performing Art Festival in Meina, Italy.

2009 Space is body with the Butoh dancer Yuko Ota, Kea and Ogam at the Spazio Continuum in Milan.

2009-11 Shishigami, Forest Spirit , for the Festival Rosenhof in Tegernau, Germany in 2009 and for the Sconfinando Sarzana festival in Italy in 2010, Eco-Art Festival Asti, Italy, 2011;Theatre “La scala della vita”, Milano.

2009 Music for art video La veglia di Venere, directed by Alessandra Pescetta.

2008 Memoire d’eau,  for the event Fuori Salone in Milan.

2008 Omoshiroi, sound performance by Tivitavi, Davide Livornese and Ogam Fabio Malizia presented at the Studio Novi in Milan, danza by Kea

2008 Founds CompagniaKha with Kea Tonetti

List of the main exhibitions: 2013 La voce del corpo – Performing art festival – Osnago – By Vittorio Comi and Bruno Freddi 2012 E se l’arte – Avanguardia Antiquaria – Milan; curated by Stefano Vitali. 2010 Space is body – Spazio Continuum – Milan. 2008 Muro di carta – Artandgallery – Milan; installation for “E-vento1 HY” in collaboration with Enya Idda. 2007 Ador-azione – Studio D’Ars – Milan; interactive performance. 2007 La ballata dei mesi – Galleria degli artisti – Milan; group show curated by Cinzia Bollino Bossi. 2007 Oriamo – Galleria Novecolonne – Bologna; curated by Grazia Chiesa. 2007 Oriamo – Studio D’Ars – Milan; curated by Grazia Chiesa. 2007 A proposito di angeli – Studio.ra contemporanea – Rome; group show curated by Cinzia Bollino Bossi and Raffaella Losapio. 2005 Arteallaria – Bertolt Brecht – Milan; group show curated by Anna Rodolfi and Lorenzo Argentino. 2004 Il critico nella citta’ sopravvissuta –Sassetti Cultura – Milan; exhibition on Giovanni Testori, curated by Cinzia Bollino Bossi. 2004 Arteallaria – Loggia dei Mercanti – Milan; itinerant show curated by Cinzia Bollino Bossi and Lorenzo Argentino. 2004 Di segni in forme – Cascina Roma – San Donato Milanese; group show curated by Cinzia Bollino Bossi and Giovanni Cerri. 2003 Nuove proposte – Galleria Cortina – Milano; group show curated by Giovanni Cerri. 2003 Divergenze parallele – Bertolt Brecht – Milan; group show curated by Giovanni Cerri. 2003 Parole e immagini – San Paolo Converso – Milan; group show of poetry and painting curated by Giovanni Cerri and Archivi del ‘900. 2003 Arte in tasca – Annotazioni d’Arte – Milan; curated by Gaetano Fracassio. 2002 Ricordi – Biblioteca Geisser – Turin; group show curated by Nives Pala.